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The true measure of any business is not what it says about itself, but rather what its patrons say. We have been in business for decades and have been blessed to have loyal and enthusiastic customers. Many of them have taken the time to express their thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for the way in which we have served them. A sampling of these gestures follows.


"There over the weekend, got a plant of the under $10 variety, the woman offered to wrap it up like a gift and spent about 20 minutes on it without being asked. You don't see that kind of service in days day and age, just a wonderful place and people there all of whom had a smile and seemed like they'd worked there for a long time. The prices are pretty good which is rare for the North Shore and the food is original. It doesn't look from the outside like a great interesting place but they have a lot of interesting stuff and are really helpful especially with plants, produce and other products. they had fresh grapefruit juice which looked good.
All around just good stuff."
D.A. - Washington D.C. (5 stars) -- 12/10/2012


"Anton's rocks, that's all I have to say! The fruit/veggies/deli are top-notch. The staff is super nice too and always carry your groceries out to your car (they won't take a tip either). The flower section is excellent too. If you are in the north burbs, this is a must-hit spot!"
Stacy B - Chicago, IL (5 stars) -- 09/17/2012


"4.5 stars. I work down the street from Anton's and I get lunch here about twice a week. Hot food bars usually gross me out but Anton's is the exception-- their buffet is totally solid homemade fare. I've had things like teriyaki glazed beef shoulder, macaroni and cheese, shrimp stir fry, catfish, enchiladas, wild rice pilaf, vesuvio potatoes, and much more. It's priced by weight, and my lunch usually ends up around $7-8. Add a drink to that and it's closer to $10. If the hot food isn't your thing, there's also an extensive salad bar and a deli for made-to-order sandwiches.

It's always crowded around the lunch hour so you may have to dodge the other hungry food hounds of Highland Park."
Marisa A. - Chicago, IL (4.5 stars) -- 09/13/2011


"I cannot say enough about Anton's! I love this quaint grocery store, especially to grab something at lunch time. It does get quite busy, but I would say that is a good sign! They have a full salad bar as well as several fresh soups daily and prepared foods. The deli and bakery are also filled enticing options.

Anton's is the way to go for a quick lunch or for small grocery shopping trips. I would highly recommend if you are in the area to go to this gem! The prices are affordable and you will never get tired of the variety. The staff is friendly and efficient. The only thing they could improve on would be a small outdoor seating area for the lunch crowd. Other than that, Anton's is a great, great place that I frequent often!!"
Sara R. - Barrington, IL (5 stars) -- 09/08/2011


"When you're in a rush for a good sandwich, Anton's is your savior. The crowds do flock to this place during lunch time, but they are fast and worth any wait you may encounter.

Today, I had the daily special and LOVED IT! First off, I love a crusty fresh baked Italian roll. The special for today was a generous amount of smoked turkey filled with the usual accompaniments but it was the seasoned oils that they drizzle on the 'wich that make it memorable.

You can opt for the awesome selection of sandwiches or opt for the special soups on hand (Which change from day to day) or pastas or salads! You name it, they make it...rolls, paninis, etc.

They treat you well here, they feed you well, and they leave you craving for more..."
Frank N - Highland Park, IL (5 stars) -- 04/20/2011


"Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Well, that's not quite how my garden grows, but if that's what I wanted to grow, I bet I could find the necessary seeds, dirts, mulches, bulbs, plants and anything else at Anton's.

Anton's is always the first stop my mom and I make on our annual garden preparation errands. We choose from rows and rows of herbs, vegetables and flowers, loading up the back of the SUV. The employees are always super-helpful answering all of our questions. It's a once-a-year stop for me, but there's no doubt in my mind that I'll be back!"
Cassie D. - Evanston, IL (4 stars) -- 05/10/2010


"I absolutely LOVE Anton's. I work in the area and swing by here from time to time during lunch. YUM.

They offer one of the most incredible salad bars I've ever seen. (A variety of lettuce types, a wide assortment of vegetables, chicken, ham, turkey, artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms, many dressings to choose from, fresh fruit, the list goes on and on and on)

The deli area, is just as good if not better. From the wonderful deli meats and cheeses to the fresh and tasty tuna fish and chicken salad to the homemade meals like meat loaf, lasagna, chicken dishes, etc. Also a small market with unique items.

Gift shop includes items such as greeting cards, fresh beautiful flowers and plants, picture frames, arrangements, you name it.

Great place. wish there was one in every neighborhood!"
Julie L. - Lake in the Hills, IL (5 stars) -- 02/27/2010


"I'm here about once a week. Great salad bar with romaine and iceberg lettuce, two kinds of sliced chicken breast and pretty much any kind of vegetable and fruit.

There are up to seven different soups along with a hot lunch by the pound. Serve yourself and go pay $$. They also make just about any kind of sandwich you like any way you like at the deli counter. If your lucky and like Salsa chicken, try it. I love it. Broasted chicken sold by the piece. Fresh baked breads that are hard to resist.

There is a small grocery in the store with out of the way sauces and misc. food items not found at the chain grocers. The fresh picked corn on the cob is fantastic here. Can't wait for summer.

Nice people, and three checkout lines at lunch. No place to eat inside, so back to the office or in your car. Catering too.
Jay K. - Northbrook, IL (4 stars) -- 01/29/2010


"Anton's Fruit Ranch is absolutely incredible!

This is a great place to stop at if you are going to Ravinia or the Botanical Gardens. You can purchase everything that you need for a picnic. They have a great deli, salad bar with over 65 ingredients, hot bar, soup and made to order sandwiches. They also have a very nice bakery inside with artisan breads, pastries, etc.

Their produce is top notch, as well as their gourmet grocery aisles. While we were there, I was really surprised and impressed to see one of their workers lying on their back scrubbing and cleaning the bottoms of all their displays. It definitely reassures me they care about cleanliness.

This store also features a large garden center, floral department and gift center. The staff was incredibly nice and encourages sampling. I have to confess that I may stop here again for my own indulgences."
Amaliya L. - Chicago, IL (5 stars) -- 09/07/2008